Sage Fitness is a Strength and Conditioning Group Fitness System that combines High Intensity Interval Training, TRX, Plyometrics, Kettlebells, Body Building, Cross Training and Power Lifting, in a group setting format. We cater the classes to each individual client to allow it to feel like a personal training experience. All classes have limited space which allow for a more intimate setting between trainer and client. This ensures that no one is overlooked and unchecked in using proper form and technique throughout the entirety of their class workout.

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tone & Tempo

Functional resistance training incorporating the use of kettlebells, suspension training, and the weight of the human body to help provide you with a non-stop high energy and high volume styled workout meant to leave you dripping 

TOTAL BODY PULL: Focusing on the pulling muscles

 (i.e. deadlifts & pull-ups)

TOTAL BODY PUSH: Focusing on the pushing muscles

 (i.e. squats and bench press)

TOTAL BODY: High energy. High Volume. High Reps. Full Body.

Build & burn

Think of this class as a barbell focused version of our infamous Tone & Tempo centering on the big three lifts: squat, bench, deadlift. We incorporate elements of powerlifting and body-building into a workout with a more measured cadence maintaining our characteristic focus on form and technique.

Sweat & Shred

​Row, run, jump, and feel the burn in this cardio and core focused class meant to keep your heart rate high and strengthen the natural corset of the body

Barbell Club

Barbell club is a class, led by our head strength trainer, completely dedicated to our members who want to build extreme strength using a Mark Rippetoe barbell training method that will focus on 3 basic barbell exercises: the squat, deadlift, and bench press.

Muscle Melt

 In this class we'll take some time to take care of ourselves. Think of this as your weekly respite. Using our knowledge of release and mobility techniques, we'll spend an hour working to alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and combat fatigue. Let your worries melt away.







One Session



Five Session



Save $25

Ten Sessions



Save $100



Monthly Unlimited


$229 per month

  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym

  • No Sign Up Fee

  • No Termination Fee

  • No Commitment Required

6 - Month 



$209 per month*

  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym

  • No Sign Up Fee

  • Yearly savings of $240

12 - Monthly Unlimited


$189 per month*

  • Unlimited Access to Open Gym

  • No Sign Up Fee

  • Yearly savings of $480

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