The original Sage, a personal training center in Whitestone, New York, was formed in late 2009 by award winning trainer Jordan Schneider. It’s beautiful facility and unique approach to fitness quickly made it a staple in the area, becoming not only a great success locally but one of the most successful personal training centers in New York.
In 2012 Schneider and then head trainer Daniel Suarez came together to create the next step in the evolution of Sage, a way to take our unmatched personal training and not only improve on it but also provide it on a larger scale. This evolution was Sage Studios.

Sage Studios takes all the professionalism, all the creativity, and all the knowledge of fitness we have developed over the course of our careers and molds it into the perfect training program. Our studio holds unique group fitness classes (deemed Fitness Redefined) for 15 clients at a time, which are designed to increase power, speed, strength, flexibility and muscle control, while burning fat, all in one hour or less. For weight loss we are unmatched, for athletes we are the difference between performing and excelling, and for the general public we are the ticket to health, longevity and a toned physique.

Our classes are kept small enough to provide enough attention for every person involved as opposed to being just another face in the crowd. Our diversified method allows anyone to join and any level of fitness to partake in a class, whether you have been working out your whole life or find it hard to get off your couch. At Sage Studios you are not just another client but member of our ever growing family. A family we take care of with every ounce of effort we can give.

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